In-store Only
Free Parking 6 hours
till 31 Jan 2024 use 40 points

Points Redemption

- Redeem 40 points get free 6 hours parking voucher

- Redeemable at reception counter, Fl.2, during service hours only

- Promotion period: 24 Jan - 31 Dec 2023

Points Redemption Terms & Conditions

1. Parking hours cannot be combined or accumulated from either point redemption or receipts presentation.

2. Reward code must be presented to Reception staff at Reception counter, Fl.2 only.

3. When the redemption is confirmed in the system, it cannot be cancelled or refund.

4. The Point is not exchangeable or accumulated between member account.

5. Points and voucher are not exchangeable or refundable for cash.

6. Reward code from point redemption will be expired in 10 minutes. Expired reward code will not be redeemable.

7. Capture screen code will not be redeemable.

8. If any point accumulation is inaccurate due to system errors, or mistake in point earning compared to campaign terms and conditions, the Company shall have the sole and absolute right to amend the point earning without any prior notification.

9. The privilege is for 101 members only

10. Limit 1 member / 1 redemption / day 

*The Company reserves the right to change Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice

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